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Wooden Platform

Wooden Platform
  • Wooden Platform
  • Wooden Support Platform
  • Wooden Chocks
  • Wooden Support Frame

Wooden Platforms


  • Custom designed to hold any load up to 30 tonnes
  • Cost effective
  • Heavy duty
  • Common for heavy haulage
  • Common for out of guage items
  • Custom designed supports & frames

Select your custom size when you;

Heavy Duty Wooden Platforms to hold any load up to 30 tonnes!

For items that have been palletised or are being transported on our Custom Designed Skid, we don’t have the benefit of container walls to brace back to. So AXIS Industrial Solutions will design a free-standing support frame to ensure the stability of the object during transit.

A support frame can be customised to suit any product and any shipping platform including inside sea containers or on a flat rack.