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Heavy Duty Wooden Cradle

Heavy Duty Wooden Cradle
  • Heavy Duty Wooden Cradle
  • Wooden Pipe Supports
  • Wooden Cradle Support
  • Wooden Rubber Lined Cradles

Wooden Pipe Supports


  • Cost effective
  • Can be machined to suit your product
  • Strapping grooves available
  • Heavy duty
  • Common for heavy haulage
  • Linings available

Wooden Pipe Support - Custom made supports to hold any cylindrical items!

A Cradle is a type of support with a circular arc removed from the support material to fit the outside diametre of the cylindrical item being shipped. AXIS Industrial Solutions’ cradles can be used individually or attached to any other timber product and can be designed to hold very large weights.
The cradle can also be designed to hold singular items or be very useful in organising and supporting multiple items such as a shipment of a large number of pipes or rods. AXIS Industrial Solutions can also line the cradles surface at point of contact to protect your product from abrasion during transport.