AXIS Industrial Wooden Pipe Supports For Storage And Transportation

Wooden Pipe Supports and Wooden Cradles are innovative. Pipes and any other cylindrical items can now be stored efficiently, in higher quantities whilst improving safety.

A Pipe Cradle support is made by cutting a circular arc out of the support material to fit the outside diameter of the cylindrical item being shipped.


The Cradle, which is built of  high-quality wood, offers a more effective storage solution. It enables simple and secure access from both sides. Many companies are seeing these benefits.

Pipe Supports can also be configured to retain single or multiple items, such as a shipment of numerous pipes or rods.

AXIS Industrial Cradles are designed to support exceptionally heavy loads and can be used alone or in conjunction with other timber products.

To prevent your product from abrasion during transport, AXIS Industrial can line the surface of the cradle at the point of contact.

Why Choose AXIS Industrial for Wooden Pipe Supports and Cradles?

They are ideal for transporting and storing items that are unable to stand on their own, require support, or are not permitted to touch the floor. Items that are oval or round in shape (such as boilers and pipes), as well as installations with an irregular underside or components that require additional support.

Because of its exceptional compression qualities, pine is used to make the majority of wooden pipe support  and pipe cradles. 

They are ISPM 15 certified and can therefore be exported worldwide.


Here are some of the benefits of using AXIS Industrial Wooden Pipe and Cradles:


AXIS Industrial creates support systems tailored to your product’s dimensions and weight by utilising packing timbers and contoured cradles.


AXIS ensures that your load is correctly stabilised and secured for the mode/s of transport ahead by blocking, bracing, and strapping.

Designed to order

Custom designed and built to fit your load’s diameter, weight, and mode of transport.


Free measurement and quote

AXIS offers a free obligation-free measurement and quotation at your location.


  • Cost effective
  • Can be machined to suit your product
  • Strapping grooves available
  • Heavy duty
  • Common for heavy haulage
  • Linings available


AXIS has a demonstrated track record of identifying and developing superior packaging, handling, and logistics solutions for businesses of all sizes. For more information, you may contact our sales team