Wood Pallets For Sale in Perth, Western Australia

Wooden Pallets and Plastic Pallets are the universal platform for shipping...

Designed to allow forklift access, Pallets come in a multitude of sizes and load capacities to suit your next shipment!

AXIS Industrial Solutions manufactures a wide range of Wooden Pallets including Hardwood Pallets in Perth and ship Plastic Pallets and Timber Pallets nationwide.



Utilising packing timbers and contoured cradles AXIS design support systems tailored to your products dimensions and weight. 


By blocking, bracing and strapping AXIS ensure your load is correctly stabilised and secured for the mode/s of transport ahead.


Huge range of standard pallet sizes to suit all types of products as well as custom designed skids for specialised loads


AXIS provide an obligation free measure and quotation at your premises at no charge.

We can manufacture or supply any wooden pallet for every need;

  • Australian standard footprint
  • Lightweight air freight
  • One-way export
  • Food & pharmaceutical grade
  • Heavy duty hardwood
  • Reefer pallets
  • AS1604 – H3 Treated
  • Warehouse pallets for racking
  • Nestable pallets
  • Sea freight pallets
  • Euro sizes
  • Half & quarter size
  • Biodegradable pallets
  • Custom designed skids


Manufactured from a range of materials including pine, hardwood, plastic and even steel AXIS Industrial are sure to have the solution for your material handling needs.

Whether you need a lightweight air freight pallet, a heavy duty re-usable pine pallet or a plastic food grade pallet AXIS Industrial will have the product best suited for your requirements.

We will consider all aspects of your material handling challenge when determining your solution including;

  • Your products properties, weight & size
  • Static and dynamic loads
  • Mode of transport
  • Dimensional restrictions
  • Import & export regulations
  • Quarantine restrictions (Gorgon Project)
  • Food & hygiene regulations
  • Identification


For samples of any our timber pallet range or if you would like to discuss your requirements please contact our team today!

Ship awkward, heavy equipment with Wooden Platforms and Supports…

Transportation of your heavy machinery or equipment can be a risky proposition!

With over 25 years experience in the design and construction of Platforms, Wooden Gluts, Wooden Pallets, Plastic Supports and Wooden Supports, your next shipment is secure with AXIS Industrial.

Our challenges usually include unusual footprints, out of gauge equipment or cylindrical products, which require innovative design work to stabilise and secure these items for transport. We can custom design Scallops, Wedges, Timber Bracing and Cradles ensuring your shipment is ready for the journey ahead. We also supply Plastic & Wooden Gluts and Dunnage to help keep your shipment safe and secure from damage.

Our design teem has a proven track record when it comes to mobilising heavy, industrial loads and when combined with our experienced Mobile Packing Team we can ensure the safe lifting, loading and securing of your products for the long journey ahead.

We are experts in manufacturing custom made Transport Frames. 

No matter the size, weight or difficultly of your job, AXIS Industrial can help. For Wooden Pallets Perth contact us today!


Hardwood Pallet

Composite Wooden Pallet

Custom Wooden Skid

Half Size Wooden Pallet

H3 Treated Wooden Pallet

Euro Wooden Pallet

Pallet with Support Frame

Oversize Hardwood Pallet

Steel Reinforced Pallet

Standard Pine Pallet

Air Freight Wooden Pallet

4 Way Entry Pallet