AXIS Industrial are the obvious choice for timber crates in Western Australia!

If you need TIMBER Crates in Perth, AXIS designs and manufactures to meet your specifications

It is important to ensure your product is secured within the container to eliminate any movement during transit. By utilising a range of techniques including screw in place timber dunnage or an internal strapping system, AXIS Industrial Solutions ensure the security of your goods.

Wooden shipping crates make a great option for the safe passage of your product during transport.

For additional protection from corrosion, moisture, UV rays and dust consider Heat Shrink Wrapping your product with our award winning products.

And remember all our wood products meet the ISPM15 regulations and you will receive a certificate and your product will be stamped at no extra charge.

Open Slatted Large Pine Crates are best suited for large items or products that require inspection access and/or airflow and are most commonly used as they are light-weight and cost effective. Export crates can also come with a reinforced enclosed base for heavier items and can be designed to your specifications.

Our customers rely on AXIS to ensure there are no issues when exporting using wood, it’s hassle free. Contact Us to find out more about our Wooden Crates for sale!



  • Open slatted with gaps between wall and lid panels
  • Custom designed to meet any specification and size
  • Can be designed to hold up to 30 tonne
  • Lightweight
  • Allows air flow and visibility


  • Internal bracing
  • Removable faces
  • Hardware
  • Pipe supports & cradles
  • Packing service


Eliminate internal movement by blocking and bracing your product with timber dunnage, foam and other materials.


Wooden cases and crates provide excellent protection preparing any shipment for all forms of freight.


All timber crates & cases are custom designed and manufactured to to perfectly suit your specific needs.


AXIS provide an obligation free measure and quotation at your premises at no charge.

Wooden Crates are ideal for items such as;

  • Motorbikes
  • Machinery
  • Pipe spools
  • Hose
  • Furniture
  • Pump skids
  • Glass
  • Water tanks
  • All weather equipment and much, much more…

For additional security and strength check out our range of full enclosed Wooden Cases.

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