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Wooden Case - Heavy duty

Wooden Case - Heavy duty
  • Wooden Case - Heavy duty
  • Wooden Case for a control panel
  •  Wooden Case - 4 Way entry
  • MDF Case
  • Wooden Case secured with ratchet straps

Wooden Cases


  • Fully enclosed
  • Custom designed to meet any specification or size
  • Can be designed to hold up to 30 tonnes
  • Export compliant


  • Hinged lid
  • Locks
  • Internal bracing
  • Hardware
  • Pipe supports & cradles
  • Removable faces
  • Packing Service

Select your custom size when you;

Wooden Cases provide extra protection for any product no matter where it's going!

If you need the best Wooden Cases in Perth, we can protect your precious cargo in storage and transit.

Wooden Boxes (completely enclosed) are ideal for multiple, smaller items or products that require the security of being enclosed. Timber cases are generally stronger than a wooden crate and are the perfect choice when accessories need to be added such as linings, hardware and stencils. A pine case is generally more cost effective than a plywood case and would be recommended for your expendable packaging needs.
It is important to ensure your product is secured within the container to eliminate any movement during transit. By utilising a range of techniques, including screw in place timber dunnage or an internal strapping system, AXIS Industrial Solutions pay specific attention to this next, important step. We can provide the packaging materials and advise how this should be achieved or we can pack for you at our premises or yours.

Click here for more information about our Industrial Packing Services.

All our wooden products including packing crates are certified to meet ISPM15 regulations and come with a stamp and certificate. We can all treat your timber to H4 - AS1604 Standards, ideal for long term storage and safe passage to Barrow Island.

For moisture protection we can also Heat Shrink Wrapping your product and supply desiccants to ensure protection form corrosion and dust.

If journey ahead is rugged and long consider adding strength to your wooden case with steel reinforcement. AXIS can custom design a robust case combining wood and steel to ensure it lasts the test of time. For more information have a look at some of our reinforced cases.

Some common products packed in Wooden Cases;

  • Control panels
  • Personal effects
  • Mining equipment
  • Machinery
  • Mulitple smaller items
  • Solenoids
  • Pumps
  • Valves and much, much more...

For a lighter weight, more cost effective option check out range of Wooden Crates.

So if you need Wooden Cases or Crates in WA, AXIS is reknowned for qulaity and the best prices in Western Australia!