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WarmMark Duo

WarmMark Duo

    WarmMark Duo


    • Indicates time duration at two activation temperatures
    • Stays white if there are no issues
    • Red moves through windows beyond 10°C & 34°C
    • Red stops moving if temperature returns to normal
    • Indicates time of exposure
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    SWWD10-34 WarmMark Duo 10C & 34C Ea In Stock


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    Keep track of temperature exposure duration!

    Indicates the duration of temperature exposure at two different activation temperature levels. If the windows in the WarmMark Duo indicator stay white, there’s no problem. But if the temperature climbs beyond two specific thresholds, 10°C and 34°C , a red color moves through the windows of the indicator with the passage of time. If the temperature returns to below the threshold, the color stops moving. In this way, handlers and shippers can know how long the product was exposed above the threshold temperature.

    • Monitor for the length of time above 10°C and for brief excursions above 34°C
    • Know if the product has been exposed passed a threshold and check for high temperature spikes
    • For products with a known temperature stability curve and expiration characteristics at certain time and temperature combinations