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    • Monitors cold chain integrity
    • Triggers at unacceptable temperatures
    • Indicates time duration
    • Tamperproof
    • Wide range of temperature thresholds
    Part ID Description UOM MOQ
    SWWM18-0 WarmMark Short-Run -18C/0F Ea In Stock
    SWWM0-32 WarmMark Short-Run 0C/32F Ea In Stock
    SWWM3-38 WarmMark Short-Run 3C/38F Ea In Stock
    SWWM5-41 WarmMark Short-Run 5C/41F Ea In Stock
    SWWM8-46 WarmMark Short-Run 8C/46F Ea In Stock
    SWWM10-50 WarmMark Short-Run 10C/50F Ea In Stock
    SWWM20-68 WarmMark Short-Run 20C/68F Ea In Stock
    SWWM25-77 WarmMark Short-Run 25C/77F Ea In Stock
    SWWM30-86 WarmMark Short-Run 30C/86F Ea In Stock
    SWWM37-99 WarmMark Short-Run 37C/99F Ea In Stock


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    Maintain cold chain integrity!

    With this temperature indicator, a proprietary red dye is released onto a blotter to clearly indicate when your shipment is exposed to temperature levels above your predetermined level, creating a permanent and immediate indication of the duration of exposure.

    Activation of the device is simple — remove the tab and barrier film and apply to a dry surface on your product or packaging. Indicators are available in the following response temperatures -18°C, 0°C, 2°C, 5°C, 8°C, 10°C, 20°C, 25°C, 30°C and 37°C.