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Kiln dried ISPM15 compliant softwood

Kiln dried ISPM15 compliant softwood
  • Kiln dried ISPM15 compliant softwood
  • AS1604 H3 Treated Pallet

Timber Treatments


  • Meet export regulations
  • Protect your timber product
  • Ideal for long term storage
  • All Axis products are ISPM15 certified for export
  • H3 Treament for the Gorgon Project

Available Treatments

  • AS1604 H4 preservative treatment for long term storage
  • ISPM15 certified kiln drying for export
  • Fumigation for existing non-compliant material for export

Timber Treatments for export, quarantine & long term storage!

Although AXIS Industrial Solutions' range of pine products come with ISPM15 certification as a standard, you may have an existing timber product that requires re-certification or has not been manufactured from kiln-dried ISPM15 compliant timbers.

In this case we can arrange certification by fumigation with methyl bromide.

Alternatively, your next shipment might be to Barrow Island as part of the Gorgon Project which will require ALL non-engineered timber to be H4 treated in accordance with AS1604.

Either way AXIS Industrial Solutions will ensure your shipment is fully compliant and reaches its destination without incident.

Timber treatment is a method used to ensure a long life of timber in various environments. There are a number of different (chemical) preservatives and processes (also known as lumber treatment or “pressure treatment”) that can extend the life of wood, timber, wood structures or engineered wood. These generally increase the durability and resistance from being destroyed by insects or fungus.
The Australian Standard (AS1604) provides the following Hazard Class table for which Industrial Solutions can provide all the various treatments required to achieve any of the hazard classes below.




Specific service conditions


Typical uses


Inside, above ground Completely protected from the weather and well ventilated, and protected from termites Lyctid borers Susceptible framing, flooring, furniture, interior joinery


Inside, above ground Protected from wetting. Nil leaching Borers and termites Framing, flooring, and similar, used in dry situations


Outside, above ground Subject to periodic moderate wetting and leaching Moderate decay, borers and termites Weatherboard, fascia, pergolas (above ground), window joinery, framing and decking


Outside, in-ground Subject to severe wetting and leaching Severe decay, borers and termites Fence posts, garden wall less than 1m high, greenhouses, pergolas (in ground) and landscaping timbers


Outside, in ground contact with fresh water Subject to extreme wetting and leaching and/or where the critical use requires a higher degree of protection Very severe decay, borers and termites Retaining walls, piling, house stumps, building poles, cooling tower fill


 Marine waters Subject to prolonged immersion in sea water Marine wood borers and decay Boat hulls, marine piles, jetty cross-bracing, landing steps, and similar


An example of a commonly used hazard class is H4 which is the minimum requirement for all timber (excluding engineered wood) for the Gorgon Project. AXIS Industrial Solutions not only supply treated timber, but also fabricate timber products including crates and pallets from this material. We have also initiated a unique serial tag system where by all manufactured products are individually tagged and registered for direct clearance to Barrow Island and also for their re-use.