Stretch Film & Bags

Blown Stretch Film provides a high puncture resistance and excellent load retention of your palletised goods!

Cast Stretch Film provides excellent scanning clarity, quieter operation and a superior tear resistance!

AXIS Industrial also supply a heavy duty stretch wrap dispenser featuring a lightweight design for all day use, maximizing comfort and minimizing user fatigue.


Blown Film

  • Provides high puncture resistance
  • Excellent load retention
  • High stretchability

Cast Film

  • Excellent scanning clarity
  • Quieter operation
  • Superior tear resistance


  • Smooth and efficient
  • Lightweight design for all day use
  • Rubber grips
  • Adjustable film tension
  • Replace films fast

AXIS Industrial stocks a range of Pallet Covers in tube or bag form perfect for protecting your palletised loads!

The pallet cover not only creates a barrier for your product but helps with stabilisation. All products are heat shrinkable.

Pallet Tubing is heat shrinkable and is used mainly for products that can be difficult to wrap or used as a dust cover for storage within your warehouse facility – on the roll – fits all standard Australian Footprint Pallets.  The Pallet Tubing is clear for easy identification

Pallet Bags are heat shrinkable and are used to protect and stabilise palletised products – perforated on the roll – fits all standard Australian Footprint Pallets.  Pallet Bags come in different lengths to suit different loads.  They are clear for easy identification.


  • Continuous tubing and bags available
  • Heat shrinkable
  • Dust protection
  • Clear for easy identification
  • Designed for Australian pallet footprints