Strapping & Lashing

AXIS Industrial has a comprehensive range of strapping to suit any application. From Polypropylene, PET and Steel we have the expertise to help you choose the right strapping for your industry.

We only stock high quality strapping with high breaking strengths and accompany all our strapping systems with clips, buckles, dispensers and hand or battery-operated tensioner tools.


AXIS Strapping range for any application;

1. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) strapping is widely used in industry today

PET strapping is safer to use – because it has no sharp edges, because of this and its high strength, PET Strapping is widely regarded by the Mining, Oil & Gas and Construction industries as the preferred strapping medium for securing boxes, crates and pallet loads. PET Strapping won’t rust, is light weight, and offers good strength and shock resistance. PET Strapping can be applied with a manual tensioner and sealer using clips/seals, or most commonly with a friction-weld battery tool, which allows an operator to quickly and tightly secure a package with the push of a button.

PET strapping can also offer considerable cost savings “per-metre” compared to steel strapping.

2. Steel strapping is commonly used for many standard packaging applications

A cold rolled, low carbon steel strap that is intended for applications requiring moderate strength but not subject to high shock loads. Our standard grade steel strapping features no sharp edges to ensure safe operation and handling.

Ribbon or Rope wound, the strap itself is the same. Ribbon is coiled like a roll of sticky tape – the coil is the width of the strap, Rope/Oscillated is coiled like a hose reel – left to right, back and forth over a width of about 60mm.

3. Megaband Steel Strap – Made in Germany – High tensile strength and high elongation

Megaband is a special grade of strap for heavy industry supplied to steel manufacturers, smelters and timber mills. Megaband is a High Tensile steel strap with high elongation and shock resistance for strapping tools and strapping systems. Megaband meets and exceeds the International Standard for High Tensile Steel Strapping and is regarded as one of the best steel straps globally.

Megaband is used in heavy duty applications requiring high strength and good ductility. Uses include the unitising/bundling of steel products, bricks, timber and the fastening of heavy loads to pallets.

4. Tie-Down Ratchet straps ideal for securing precious cargo for the rigors of transport!

AXIS Industrial supply the full range, with load rating’s from 250kg right up to 5 tonnes and the easy to use ratchet assembly, the tie down strap makes an ideal and convenient load restraint strap.

5. Strapping Tools to suit all industrial applications

Our range of Strapping Tools for use with plastic (both PP and PET) and Steel Strapping includes battery operated and pneumatic tools, for use with strapping from 10mm to 32mm wide.

No matter what the application or budget we can make your strapping a breeze with the perfect tool!

6. Strap dispensers keep your strapping neat tidy no matter what strap you are using

AXIS Industrial supply a dispenser for every type of strap from PET & Steel to woven varieties. Our dispensers not only keep things in order and improve the efficiency of the application, they are also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

Don’t delay and talk to our team today about the strap, tool and dispenser that will suit your application!