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Steel Transport Frame

Steel Transport Frame
  • Steel Transport Frame
  • Steel Transport Frame
  • Steel Trasport Case

Steel Transport Frames


  • Heavy duty
  • Common for heavy haulage
  • Custom designed to any size and specification
  • Load rating available
  • Off shore lift certification available
  • Ideal for repeat use
  • Built to Australian standards

We design entire products or strengthen our timber products with steel, aluminium, sheet metal and more!

Some examples of our recent projects include steel transport frames and skids, steel cases and reinforced bases and cases.

We can fabricate to any specification provided or design the solution best for you.

AXIS Industrial Solutions recommend Grade 300/400 steel due to its structural properties and our fabrication team will work to tolerances of +/-2mm to ensure an accurate build. The steel can then be finished with a Red Oxide primer (Red) or a Zinc rich primer (Grey) and of course any paint finish can then be added.

All our products are manufactured to Australian Standards and can be load tested or certified for marine offshore lifts.