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Steel Stillage

Steel Stillage
  • Four sided collapsible cage pallet stillage
  • Removable gates (front & back)
  •  Half drop gate on one long side
  • Solid steel base - fully underbraced - green finish - stackable with cupped feet

Steel Stillage

Solid Steel Base


  • Foldable; reduces return freight costs
  • Heavy duty
  • Drop down half gate (front)
  • Removable gates (front & back)
  • Stackable with cupped feet
  • Solid steel base
Part ID Description UOM MOQ
MHUC775P Stillage - External: 1165mm x 1165mm x 1005mm EA In Stock

Steel Stillages provide the ultimate in protection and retention for a huge variety of products!

If you are looking for Steel Cages in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne we stock a range of cost effective, high quality stillages suitable for almost any application.

All our products are manufcatured to strict quality controls and can be customised to any size and load rating.

Our transport cages are ideal for moving goods throughout the supply chain as well as providing a stackable storage solution.

As well as being a robust and sturdy way to retain your products our collapsible cages and demountable allowing for savings for any returnable transit applications. The foldable cages are easily flat packed by removing the sides and folding down the ends. The whole process takes lees than minute!

To add an extra feature to your steel stillage we can apply a powder coat finish to any colour or galvanise the entire cage for outdoor use.

If you already have a pallet in your supply chain consider a Pallet Cage which comprises of four steel sides that fit onto a standard pallet footprint.

For other options have a look at our Steel Retention Cages ideal for pallet racking which come in lightweight and heavy duty!

Why not give one of our experts a call today to discuss which steel cage would be right for you and your business!

Product Facts

External Dimensions 1165 x 1165 x 1005mm
Internal Dimensions 1155 x 1155  x 850mm
Folded Height 300mm
Finish Epoxy eco-green
Weight 63kg
Material Steel
Safe Working Load 800kg dynamic unified load (stackable 4 high)
Mesh 50 x 50 x 4mm
Entry Points 4-way forklift and pallet jack