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Shipping Cartons

Shipping Cartons

    Shipping Cartons


    • Large range of standard sizes
    • Custom sizes available
    • Single, double & triple flutes
    • A4 & A3 sizes available
    • Competitive pricing
    Part ID Description UOM MOQ
    CAC30018190 A3 Carton - 425mm x 300mm x 254mm White (C Flute) Ea 500
    CAC30018192 A4 Standard Carton - 305mm x 215mm x 305mm White (C Flute) Ea 500
    CAC30503641 A4 Reduced Height - 305mm x 215mm x 250mm White (C Flute) Ea 500
    CAC30018216 A4 Ultra Low - 305mm x 215mm x 202mm White (C Flute) Ea 500
    CAC30506201 General Carton - 632mm x 455mm x 287mm Brown (C Flute) Ea 140
    CAC9CTNSHIP1 Small Shipping Carton - 230mm x 230mmx 230mm Ea 25
    CAC9CTNSHIP2 A4 Medium Shipping Carton - 305mm x 215mm x 215mm Ea 25
    CAC9CTNSHIP4 X-Large Shipping Carton - 605mm x 300mm x 370mm Ea 20


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    AXIS Industrial Solutions shipping cartons are ideal for a range of applications!

    Lightweight, strong and avaiable in a range of sizes be sure to give us a call to discuss your requirements today!