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Sea Container strapping

Sea Container strapping
  • Sea Container strapping
  • Loading using a crane uplift
  • Ratchet Strap
  • Bulkhead Board
  • Container Packing
  • Dunnage Bags

Sea Container Packing


  • Mobile service
  • Professional packing teams


  • Strapping & lashing
  • Blocking & bracing
  • Dunnage bags
  • Climate barriers
  • Moisture absorption
  • False floors
  • Bulk heads
  • Container liners

Sea transport presents a unique set of hazards!

From movement inside the container to extremes of temperature and humidity so call on AXIS Industrial Solutions to help you effectively deal with these challenges.

Our mobile packing teams can pack any product/s from uniform loads to any form of non-standard freight ensuring it will not shift under the huge forces experienced at sea.

Our staff are also trained in “working in confined spaces” and dealing with the extreme temperature conditions during summer.

AXIS utilise a range of packing restraint techniques tailor made for the product at hand. From strapping, lashing, blocking, bracing and void filling we will ensure your product is secure and will not shift during the most challenging journeys.

We not only restrain your goods but ensure they are protected from climatic conditions, dust and corrsosion with a range of linings, wraps, desiccants and foils.

So let AXIS pack your next shipment by sea!