Plastic Pallets

AXIS stocks Australia's best Plastic Pallet range!

The introduction of Plastic Pallets was inspired by industries wishing to raise the standards of hygiene in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as improving the operational and reusable efficiencies in manufacturing and distribution worldwide.

Today, Plastic Pallets have a wide appeal for an increased number of applications.


Key benefits;

  • Reusability
  • Dimensionally reliable and consistent weights for automated warehousing system
  • No Fumigation required
  • Hygienic

Our range includes pallets with the following features;

  • Heavy duty, re-usable
  • In beam rackable
  • Drive in rackable
  • Food grade
  • Quarantine compliant for the Gorgon Project
  • Lightweight, cost effective for one-way export
  • Reduced footprints for refrigerated container transport
  • Sea container footprints
  • Nestable for closed loop supply chains
  • Recyclable
  • Made from virgin or recycled material
  • Spill pallets
  • Euro sizes
  • Vented or solid top pallets

All AXIS Industrial Solutions’ Pallets can be supplied in any quantity and we can even provide you with a one off. The pallet can also be stenciled with your company logo or the safe working load for identification and safety purposes.

Perhaps a Plastic Pallet does not meet your requirements, view our range of Plastic Bins that may meet  your needs.

If you would like a sample of any of our Plastic Pallet range please contact us so we can discuss your requirements today.


Store & transport your products with piece of mind with our large range of plastic pallets


Pallets for export, distribution, hygiene, warehousing, storage and more…


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