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Plastic Pallet Heavy Duty

Plastic Pallet Heavy Duty

    Plastic Pallet

    Heavy Duty


    • 22 moulded in TPO rubber anti-slip grommets
    • Optional location lips for empty stacking
    • Pallet racking locators
    • Up to 35% lighter than wooden pallets
    • Reducing fuel costs & greenhouse gas emissions
    • Reducing the risk of workplace injuries
    • Minimal maintenance required
    • Impact resistant
    • Designed & engineered to AS4068 – 1993.Specifications
    • 100% recyclable saving precious resources
    • Manufactured locally
    • Easy to clean & sterilise
    • Resistant to bacteria
    • A unique RFID identification system
    • Pallet tracking system reduces paperwork & labour costs
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    AXISPHD1160 Plastic Pallet - Warehouse Heavy Duty 1160mm x 1160mm x 150mm EA Enquire

    Australian Made Plastic Pallet!

    AXIS is proud to introduce the best heavy duty plastic pallet in the market today!

    If you have a warehouse or supply chain in Australia Wide and you need a robust, cost effective pallet that can hold upto 2 tonnes in your pallet racking then look no further. Our brand new pallet is a game changer in Australia due to its unique features, rugged build and price.

    Unitl now there has not been a Plastic Pallet that rivals the shear strength and cost effectiveness of this new product!

    Our pallet has been designed to eliminate deep cavities with smooth, easy to clean surfaces making it perfect for any Food Grade or Pharmaceutical application.

    Made from HDPE and with steel reinforcment optional, this heavy duty pallet will be an investment lasting well over 5 years and, at the end of its lifetiem AXIS can offer a buyback making 100% Recylable.

    Available with a solid enclosed or mesh top deck and optional outer locaters for easy of stacking why not ask to try this innovative new plastic pallet today!

    Product Facts

    Type Flat solid top deck or mesh
    External Dimensions 1160mm x 1160mm x 150mm (+/- 3%)
    Colour Black - custom colours available
    Weight 27kg
    Material Polypropylene (PP)
    Manufacture Injection moulding / heat compression welded
    Safe Working Load 2000kg dynamic, 8000kg static (unified load)
    Entry Points 2-way forklift and pallet jack
    Cleanability Hot wash, steam clean or chemically sterilise
    Recyclability 100% recyclable
    Chemical Resistance High chemical resistance to acids and alkalis