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PET Strapping

PET Strapping

    PET Strapping


    • Preferred in mining, oil & gas and construction industries
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Cost effective
    • Easy to apply
    • Safe to handle – no sharp edges
    • Range of seals, dispensers and tools available
    • Friction weld “No seal required” tools available
    Part ID Description UOM MOQ
    STRPET16701750 Titan 1750m x 16mm x 0.70 mm - Breaking Strength 400kg Roll In Stock
    STRPET16901350 Titan 1350m x 16mm x 0.90 mm - Breaking Strength 550kg Roll In Stock
    STRPET16101200 Titan 1200m x 16mm x 1.00 mm - Breaking Strength 650kg Roll In Stock
    STRPET1910950SM Titan 950m x 19mm x 1.00 mm - Breaking Strength 850kg Roll In Stock


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    Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) strapping is widely used in industry today!

    PET strapping is safer to use – because it has no sharp edges, because of this and its high strength, PET Strapping is widely regarded by the Mining, Oil & Gas and Construction industries as the preferred strapping medium for securing boxes, crates and pallet loads. PET Strapping won’t rust, is light weight, and offers good strength and shock resistance. PET Strapping can be applied with a manual tensioner and sealer using clips/seals, or most commonly with a friction-weld battery tool, such as the TITAN TA220, which literally allows an operator to quickly and tightly secure a package with the push of a button.

    PET strapping can also offer considerable cost savings “per-metre” compared to steel strapping. 16x0.7mm x 1750m offers a break strength of approx. 400 kg 16x0.9mm x 1350m offers a break strength of approx. 550 kg 16x1.0mm x 1200m offers a break strength of approx. 650 kg 19x1.0mm x 950m offers a break strength of approx. 850 kg