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Pelican Cases – Tough, watertight with accessories and a “Lifetime Guarantee”

Pelican Cases have stood the test of time and for over 30 years have built their reputation by providing some of the toughest protector cases in the world. Pelican cases have been used for all manner of jobs keeping goods safe and secure no matter how intense the scenario. They’ve been safely dropped out of helicopters, run over by SUV’s and thrown into lakes only to emerge with minor scratches.

AXIS Industrial is proud to have one of the best ranges of Pelican Products in Australia. Browse through our Pelican collection now and discover an extensive number of 1510 cases, storm cases, military cases and so much more. We gladly stock Pelican cases because no matter how valuable or sensitive your product, you can trust that a Pelican case will keep it highly protected and safe.

If you need a plastic case, there really is no better option. Peruse our Pelican range today



Huge range of standard sizes to suit any type of equipment. Water and dust resistant!


Tough cases built to last come with the Pelican Lifetime Guarantee.


Cases and internal foam inserts can be custom designed use CAD technology.


AXIS provide an obligation free measure and quotation at your premises at no charge.

Cost effective, Australian made, military standard roto-moulded Spacecases!

Pelican-Trimcast is a defence recognised supplier and the leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective case solutions. Pelican-Trimcast are the manufacturers of the widely recognised Spacecase Storage Containers – the preferred storage and transit solution for the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces, NATO member nations and numerous commercial organisations.

Pelican-Trimcast solutions protect the most sensitive, state-of-the-art equipment and components in all shapes, sizes, weights and fragilities via engineered Impact & Shock Attenuation, and Vibration Mitigation measures as well as environmental protection and modular container size for stackable and interconnecting Logistics Optimisation.

The Pelican-Trimcast range includes virtually indestructible off-the-shelf protective cases customised technical packaging solutions. Protecting everything from consumer electronics to aircraft engines, ultra-sensitive electronic components, industrial power plants and all manner of critical military equipment, spare parts and components, Pelican-Trimcast customised storage and transport case solutions offer maximum protection against shock, vibration, impact, extreme environmental conditions and the rigours of operational logistics.

Only Pelican-Trimcast offer In-The-Box Engineered Packaging Solutions of Military/Aerospace/Industrial quality and to the highest testing standards. Pelican’s Global resources across injection and roto-molded cases are unparalleled, and are strategically located with design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. The resulting ability to respond with speed and agility worldwide benefits every Pelican-Trimcast customer, whether requiring one unique case solution or thousands delivered anywhere in the world.

Every facet of customization from project management, customer relations, logistics, testing, engineering support and prototyping through final fabrication is handled within a comprehensive system to ensure the contents arrive in the same condition they were dispatched. This unique approach brings a global presence to a regional or local requirement to meet any custom solution need.

With more than 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of Quality Engineered Packaging Solutions, Pelican-Trimcast are the world leaders in the development of innovative, rugged and 100% reusable storage and transit solutions. Pelican-Trimcast are the manufacturers of the widely recognised and military proven Spacecase™ Storage Containers; being the preferred storage and transit solution of the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces and supplied to NATO member nations and commercial organisations to safely and securely transport and store sensitive or mission critical equipment.

Protecting everything from consumer electronics to aircraft engines, ultra-sensitive components, and industrial power plants, Pelican-Trimcast customised storage and transport case solutions offer maximum protection against shock, vibration, impact, extreme environmental conditions and the rigours of operational logistics.

Anatomy of a Pelican-Storm™ Case;

  • Press & Pull® Latches – These smooth-opening, dependable, patented Pelican cases latches hold tight under pressure and impact despite fast opening performance. Tested to over 400 lbs, yet open with a simple release button.
  • Moulded-In Lockable Hasps – Twin mating hasp holes on the rim of the crates and cases allow attachment of padlocks to keep your gear in and thieves out.
  • Rugged In-Line Wheels – Shielded from dust, dirt and other contaminants, ball bearing wheels provide low-friction, low-drag rolling, with retractable handles for easy movement of heavy loads of Pelican Storm cases. Look for the icon for availability on select models.
  • Double Layer, Soft Grip Handles – When the weather goes south you’ll find a secure grip that won’t slip. An in-tool vulcanizing process over-moulds the grips to the polymer handle for a lifetime of dependable performance of each Pelican Storm Cases.
  • Vortex® Pressure Release Valve – The built-in technology of Pelican-Storm™. The cases automatic pressure equalization valve is also a patented feature. Air travel prevents vacuum lock to make opening the case natural even after extreme altitude changes. At the same time, the microscopic filter blocks water molecules and dust particles so your gear stays clean.

Anatomy of a Pelican™ Case;

  • Stronger by design – Pelican™ cases are made with a proprietary combination of homo-polymers and co-polymers, using an open cell core and solid wall construction, which is both stronger and lighter than a solid core wall. Stainless steel pins are used in hinges and handles.
  • Watertight – The secret is the tongue and groove fit with a polymer O-ring acting as a waterproof seal.
  • Easy to Roll – Stainless steel ball bearing wheels last longer and ride smoother. The nylon hub adjacent to the stainless steel is made to resist heat. The result is less wear and tear on the polyurethane wheel.
  • Reinforced Padlock Protectors – Stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors provide added strength and extra security against cutting and theft.
  • Double-Throw Latches – The Double-Throw latches are smarter and easier to open: it’s the classic “C” clamp design with a secondary movement that works like a pry bar to start the release and offers plenty of leverage to open with a light pull.
  • Foam – All Pelican™ cases (except Micro Case Series™ cases, Memory Card Cases, 1780W, 1780HL, and1780RF) come standard with Pick N Pluck™ foam. 1700, 1720, 1750 Cases come standard with 3 piece foam sets. Replacement foam is available for all models (except Memory Card Cases, i1010, and i1030, i1015). To order a case with no foam, add NF to the catalog number.
  • Name Plate – Custom engraved nameplates are available.
  • Cool Under Pressure – The Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve releases built-up air pressure while keeping water molecules out, resulting in a watertight case that is even easier to open

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