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Pelican Hardigg Case

Pelican Hardigg Case
  • Pelican Hardigg Case
  • Pelican Hardigg Plasma Case
  • Pelican Hardigg Rackmount Case
  • Pelican Hardigg Inter-Stacking Cases

Hardigg Cases


  • Extra strong roto-moulded cases
  • Widest selection of cases in the world
  • Customer sizes available


  • Single lid cases
  • Rackmount cases
  • Inter stacking cases
  • Military cases

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Durable, waterproof, roto-moulded, polyethylene cases withrecessed handles and integrated stacking ribs!  

Why Rotational Moulding?

  • More Material in the Corners - A Pelican-Hardigg™ Single Lid Pelican Case begins as resin powder that is measured and loaded into a mould attached to a biaxial arm. As the mould rotates, it is heated and 15%-20% more resin accumulates in the corners and edges. When the case is dropped (and it will be) it has extra strength where it is needed.

  • Recessed Hardware, Column ribs – The recessing of handles, latches and hinges prevents them from being sheared off during transport. Ribs are moulded in to create incredibly strong forms from lightweight material. Protective Cases of like sizes have matching top and bottom ribs, so they won’t shift when stacked.

  • Watertight, Tongue & Groove Seal – Keep your gear dry and dust-free in the harshest environments.

  • Anti-Shear locks - Moulded, interlocking blocks are matched around the rim of the cases and crates. When the case takes an impact, the lid stays aligned to the base.

  • Bells & Whistles - With accessories and custom services from the Advanced Pelican Cases Center, a Pelican-Hardigg™ Case can be a lot more than a box.

Some important options;

  • Selecting case hardware – it’s all about you! – Getting your equipment safely from point A to point B is paramount. To move your case around you might need wheels, or if the load is extreme they can be installed with forklift spacers and a bash-plate. We can also help you with technical choices, such as standard or mil-spec purge valves (prevents vacuum lock in the event of altitude change). The list goes on: from handles and latches to desiccant chambers for removing humidity from the case.

  • Hard Protection Systems – When foam is not appropriate, Pelican™ specializes in custom metal work. Cradles or frames hold sensitive parts away from the walls of the case. The area between the frame and the case is the “sway space”, and dampeners are used to isolate the part from shock and vibration. Dampeners can be mounted foam bumpers, or elastomeric shock mounts that can mitigate impacts of up to 15 G forces.

  • Testing… 1-2-3 - time to find out if your equipment is going to arrive intact is before it ships. That’s why we have a full service test lab to verify survivability. As a matter of fact, Pelican™ operates one of the few certified test labs in the US. Drop tests, immersion, temperature extremes, G-force and vibration: Pelican™ do it all to prove their Pelcian Protective cases perform to your specifications.

  • We’ve got you covered – Whether you need one empty case or a run of engineered cases for an extreme application, Pelican™ has the right size and the right team to get it done. In addition to their primary manufacturing facilities in the USA and Europe, there’s a NEW regional Advanced Case Center in Melbourne, Australia ready to help.