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Loadhog Pally

Loadhog Pally
  • Loadhog Pally application
  • Streamline your Operations
  • Acts as a Pallet & Dolly
  • Loadhog Pally stack

Loadhog Pally


  • Dolly for any point in the supply chain
  • A complete alternative to standard pallets and dollys
  • One pedal push to engage pallet/dolly form
  • Pallet stability on demand
  • Perfect mobility in dolly format
  • No additional lifting equipment required
  • Actionable from both ends
  • Can be used as a merchandising unit in retail applications
  • Fully compatible with all mail handling equipment
  • Generates significant cost reductions
  • Eliminates double handling throughout the supply chain
  • Compatible with Loadhog containers
  • Also compatible with standard plastic tote boxes
Part ID Description UOM MOQ
MHPAL LoadHog Pally EA On Request

The Loadhog Pally is the original pallet dolly combination!

One foot press on the pedal converts the Pally from a pallet to a wheeled dolly, or vice versa.

The original, patented one touch, supply chain & merchandising solution, the Pally has up to a 500kg capacity with an 800 x 600mm footprint. The Loadhog Pally has inbuilt tray location, manual handling and stacking features a dedicated push/pull handle location.

The ease of use and versatility makes the Pally a perfect solution for retail supply chains and postal logistics. 

The Loadhog Pally is compatible with and safe for use on automated sorting lines, conveyor systems and tail lifts as a pallet but with one touch of the pedal mechanism has the ability to instantly become a dolly at any point in the supply chain.

Pally Handle

Quick to connect and disconnect, the Pally Handle provides the ability to pull heavy loads and empty returns.

Pally Tow Hitch

Connects the Pally units together and therefore increases labour efficiency up to 400% by moving several laods in one go.

Pally Lifter

Enables the Pally to be lifted to naviagte curbs abd steps when empty or fully laden

Don't delay and try a Loadhog Pally today, you will be amazed it's versatility and easy handling!