Packing Mining Alternators for Long Term Storage

Our client needed to have nineteen mining alternators packaged up for long-term outdoor storage in Pilbara, WA. They were seeking a supplier who had experience in packaging and protection and a proven track record.

Our Challenges

  • We needed to find a solution for packaging the alternators and providing protection from the sometimes-harsh weather conditions in WA.
  • The packaging had to protect the alternators from ingression of water and moisture, acting as a barrier and preventing corrosion.
  • The alternators had to be protected against ultra violet degradation and dust particles.
  • The job had to be carried out in a short time period.

Our Solutions

  • Our team removed the existing packaging, cleaning the alternators thoroughly and then treated the exposed metal surfaces with G15, which is an industrial rust preventative.
  • An inner layer of vacuum-sealed VCI triple layer film was applied.
  • An outer layer of vacuum-sealed VCI Ferro Foil was applied as a final layer of protection.
  • The alternators have remained protected and in prime condition.