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    • Reduced footprint
    • Ideal for smaller products
    • Cost effective
    • Easy to read
    Part ID Description UOM MOQ
    SW35MC75G Mini Clip 35 Single / 75G Ea In Stock
    SW47MC50G Mini Clip 47 Single / 50G Ea In Stock
    SW55MC37G Mini Clip 55 Single / 37G Ea In Stock
    SW65MC25G Mini Clip 65 Single / 25G Ea In Stock
    SW75MC15G Mini Clip 75 Single / 15G Ea In Stock
    SW85MC10G Mini Clip 85 Single / 10G Ea In Stock
    SW35MDC75G Mini Clip 35 Double / 75G Ea In Stock
    SW47MDC50G Mini Clip 47 Double / 50G Ea In Stock
    SW55MDC37.5G Mini Clip 55 Double / 37G Ea In Stock
    SW65MCD25G Mini Clip 65 Double / 25G Ea In Stock
    SW75MCD15G Mini Clip 75 Double / 15G Ea In Stock
    SW85MCD10G Mini Clip 85 Double / 10G Ea In Stock


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    Reduced footprint allows for impact detection on smaller products!

    Mini-Clip: Using the same technology as the Clip, the Mini-Clip offers a reduced footprint – providing reliable impact detection to smaller products, allowing you to pinpoint areas of concern during the shipping and handling process. 

    Mini-Clip Double: Designed with minimum footprint for use on smaller products, the Mini-Clip Double gives maximum 360° degree impact detection.