A meeting was held with one of our larger clients to help discuss the most cost-effective way for them to transport items that were lightweight. Our client’s aim was to reduce the price of the packaging for lightweight and lower value items, while still being adequately protected.  They also wanted to reduce the shipping costs for these items if possible to make this part of their business economically viable.

After meetings with key personnel at our client’s facility we came up with a ply box solution that would protect the enclosed item(s) while being durable enough to withstand the rigours of multi-handling during the transportation process. 

It is extremely important to understand how the packaged goods will be handled during transportation from despatch to receiver, to ensure the case is manufactured to withstand the entire process;

This includes bracing the goods inside, if a forklift is to be used to move the goods and by what means the packaging will be shipped, either by road, rail, sea and/or air.

Consequently, after initial designs were established, and after consultations with our client, and subsequent modifications made, our design team produced a panel case for very small and lightweight items where the case is made entirely from Ply or MDF varying in panel thicknesses from 3mm upwards.

As the goods to be packaged increase in size and weight we can still use the lower spec packaging by adding pine framework to the panels to provide extra strength and to reduce flex in larger panels while still allowing us to minimise panel thickness and therefore overall weight and costs where practical.

Also, dependent on the size and weight of the items being packed, the panel thicknesses can be varied to accommodate different masses meaning only certain panels may need to be thicker, such as base and bearers while keeping the remaining panels at a lower spec.

Through this exercise we are now potentially able to offer any of our customers a cheaper alternative for their packaging needs than the mainstream types ordinarily used.