From mechanical damage and corrosion during storage and in transit

Imagination is the only barrier when protecting cylindrical products with this exciting new product. The versatility of Lamiflex makes it a clear winner when circular products need protection. These types of products or loads are conventionally packed into square or rectangular containers or wrapped with laminate papers or films providing inadequate protection. Lamiflex's unique properties including wood composite strips combined with a variety of plastic sheathings provide protection of cylindrical products with ease.

Tube & Bar Protection

By utilising a combination of useful materials which complement one another including wood fibres, plastics, special papers and films Lamiflex solutions solve specific problems when it comes to packing and handling tubes & bars. With co-operative testing and research at your plant we tailor solutions for our customers with a focus on cost reductions, safety and protection. Our products are produced according to ISO 9002 and ISO 14001.

Wire Protection

Corrosion during storage and transportation is one of the biggest issues for the producers of coiled wires. Quite often these wire coils are in transit for a long period of time and are exposed to various climate zones changes and rough handling at harbours and other logistic loading points. Lamiflex has developed a packaging solution for cost effective protection of your coils.

Cable Protection

Lamiflex reduces drum flange damage and fits flush between drum flanges without hollow space providing waterproof, UV stable protection. The material is crush resistant to 100 kg/cm³ and is fully insect resistant. Cost savings are easily identified as the installation is a simple one man lagging process resulting in a reduced risk of injury as there are no nails or splinters. As the width can be pre-cut to necessary size there is no waste and the Lamiflex can be re-used.