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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

AXIS Industrial Solutions has been servicing the oil & gas industry for over 20 years continually providing solutions for unique circumstances and conditions. Our track record for thinking outside the box and delivering timely industrial packaging for often heavy, “out of gauge” equipment cements us as a leader in this industry.

Our ability to provide solutions for the Gorgon project including Plastic Pallets, Quarantine Services such as wrapping, cleaning, tagging, fumigation and H4 Treated wooden crates has established Axis as a one stop shop for the unprecedented packaging and materials handling challenges that building a gas hub on an “A class” reserve has presented.

Our custom Wooden Crates & Cases and pallets are ideal for shipping items – large or small to remote sites and the addition of H4 treatment provides an excellent option for longer term storage. Our diligence during design as well as our Mobile Packing Service ensures your product receives the very best when it comes to protection during transit.

When it comes to drill tool & pipe protection look no further than Lamiflex. This innovative new product is simply wrapped around a drill tool, pipe or tube giving it the ultimate in protection. Supplied by the roll, containing wood fibre strips and encased with strong film, Lamiflex is a unique solution particularly for the Oil & Gas industry.

For returnable handling solutions or short to long term storage look no further than our Materials Handling range of Pallets, Bins, Cages, Post Pallets and Containers. And if it is a custom solution you require you have come to the right place.

To provide an extra layer of protection ideal for the tough conditions Australia presents we have a range of Heat Shrink Films that can be welded directly to your product providing encapsulation from dust, UV rays, pests and moisture. To step it up from here we can also apply one of our award-winning VCI – Anti Corrosion Films guaranteeing preservation for up to 3 years.

For longer term storage and protection from the damaging effects of corrosion Axis Industrial Solutions has a suite of VCI Preservation products covering a range of different applications. From aerosols and liquids to emitters and films, bags and tubes we have the answers when it comes to preservation.

Our large range of Strapping is unrivalled with a number of quality products including Titan’s Steel, Poly and PET strapping accompanied by high quality German made tools. As a substitute for conventional strapping we are proud to announce theStrapping & Lashing Systems comprising of a load rated woven strap and a similar heavy duty lashing making the days of using ratchet straps obsolete. This system ships as a complete kit including buckles, tensioner and dispenser – no sealer is required!

Other relevant products include Impact & Temperature Indicators, Pelican Cases and a full range of Cardboard and packaging Materials & Consumables.