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Marine & Offshore

Marine & Offshore

Sending equipment offshore presents a unique set of climatic conditions and potential issues when it comes to protecting any product from the rigors of the ocean. Armed with 20 years’ experience and our range of purpose built products sets AXIS apart in this field giving you ultimate confidence.

Our custom Wooden Crates can be built from marine plywood or can be lined with a number of water resistant or waterproof linings. We can also apply an extra layer of protection by wrapping any product with Heat Shrink Films providing complete encapsulation.

For further peace of Axis supply and apply our award-winning VCI – Anti Corrosion Films or other VCI Preservation products which include aerosols, liquids and grease guaranteeing pristine preservation for up to 3 years.

Pelican Products are an ideal way to encase and protect valuable equipment especially for offshore conditions. As one of Australia’s few, hand selected stockists of this large range of injection moulded, watertight cases and our ability to customise foam and internal fit-outs to suit any product enables AXIS to be at the forefront of offshore protection.

To compliment these products AXIS Industrial Solutions also stocks a complete range of packaging Supplies including Materials & Consumables, Cardboard Cartons, Tapes, Wraps & Films and Paper.

Other relevant products include Pallets, Industrial Packing and Material Handling products.