Smarter Packaging & Materials Handing

Logistics & Warehousing

Logistics & Warehousing

When it comes to securing and protecting cargo during transport and storage AXIS Industrial Solutions are the leaders in this field. Our experience in the design, manufacture and supply of a multitude of industrial products enable us to deliver on any challenge.

Our custom Wooden Cases & Wooden Crates are ideal for shipping any sized product to mine sites or providing protection for export or interstate road freight. Due to our diligence during design and our Mobile Packing expertise we ensure your product is a snug fit and braced internally to eliminate movement during transit.

For the efficient movement through the supply chain or the right storage solution look no further than our Materials Handling range of Pallets, Bins, Cages, Post Pallets and Containers. Working with local and international suppliers our reputation for delivering the right product at the right price has seen many businesses benefit.

If damage in transit is becoming a problem we have a range of Impact, Tilt and Temperature Indicators and Recorders that not only act as a visual deterrent on your cargo but are able to record and indicate undesirable transport conditions and handling as well.

AXIS Industrial Solutions’ Pallet range is vast, stretching from heavy duty wooden pallets to warehouse quality plastic or compressed fibre for bulk bags. We also have a great selection of Gluts to act as chocks allowing forklift access, perfect for your fleet of vehicles or in the yard.

Our large range of Strapping is unrivalled with a number of quality products including Titan’s steel, poly and PET strapping accompanied by high quality German made tools.

As a substitute for conventional strapping we are also proud to announce the X-Pak Strapping & Lashing Systems comprising of load rated woven straps and similar heavy duty lashing making the days of using ratchet straps obsolete. This system ships as a complete kit including buckles, tensioner and dispenser – no sealer is required!

Other relevant products include Bulk Bags, Container Liners, Heat Shrink Wrapping, VCI Preservation, Desiccants and Industrial Packing.