Smarter Packaging & Materials Handing



AXIS Industrial Solutions design, manufacture and supply products perfect for the electronics industry aimed at the protection of sensitive, high value products that need to be shipped or stored for the mid to long term. We understand the importance of designing, recommending and supplying exactly what you need!

Our custom Wooden Cases & Crates are ideal for shipping large control panels to mine sites or providing protection for export or interstate road freight. Due to our diligence during design and our Mobile Packing expertise we ensure your product is a snug fit and braced internally to eliminate movement during transit.

To provide an extra layer of protection AXIS stocks a range of Heat Shrink Films that can be welded directly to your product providing encapsulation from dust, UV rays, pests and moisture. To step up from here oue Mobile Wrapping team can apply one of our award winning VCI – Anti Corrosion Films guaranteeing no issues for up to 3 years.

If Damage Prevention is what you are chasing we have a range of Impact, Tilt and Temperature Indicators and Recorders that not only act as a visual deterrent on your cargo but are able to record and indicate undesirable transport conditions.

To compliment these products AXIS Industrial Solutions also stocks a complete range of packaging supplies including Materials & Consumables, Cardboard Cartons, Tapes, Wraps & Films and Paper.

Other relevant products include and our huge range of Pelican Products.