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Internediate Bulk Container

Internediate Bulk Container
  • Internediate Bulk Container
  • Internediate Bulk Containers



  • Transport more than cylindrical containers
  • Can be filled or discharged with a variety of systems
  • Exportable
  • Low cost
  • 10 year lifespan
  • Repacable inner container
  • Re-useable


Part ID Description UOM MOQ
MHIBC EA On Request

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) are a universal standard for bulk liquid transport!

Intermediate bulk container's (IBC), IBC totes or pallet tanks are reusable containers designed to transport and store bulk materials such as liquids, granulated substances, chemicals, food ingredients, solvents, pharmaceuticals and much more.

Intermediate bulk containers are mounted on a steel pallet base with a tubular galvanised cage designed to be stackable and can be moved using a forklift. IBCs are called "internediate" as they hold 1040 litres with a capacity between that of drums and tanks but are also available in other sizes.

Although the outer frame is re-usable the inner white plastic container is designed for a one time use.

Typical applications

  • Bulk chemicals
  • Raw materials used in industrial production
  • Liquid, granulated, and powdered food ingredients
  • Food syrups, such as corn syrup or molasses
  • Petrochemical products including solvents, detergents and adhesives
Nominal Capacity 1000 Litre
Brimful Capacity 1050 Litre
External Dimensions 1200mm x 1000mm x 1150mm
Filling Opening 150mm
Discharge Opening 50mm
Fork Opening 100mm
Label Plate 1-2 Piece
Corner Protector 4 Piece
Weight Inner 15.5Kg, Total 56Kg

Outer Container

Shaped grid box made of tubular steel material, with bottom plate, connected on top with tie-bar(assembled with brackets). Label plate on the front and the back side.

Inner Container

Rectangular blow molded tank of high density polythylene, with filling opening in middle of the top section. Discharge opening at the bottom of the front side.

Filling Opening

DN150 with external thread, closed with screw cap, G2 - plug closed, sealing-cap and gasket.

Discharge opening

Integrated DN50 camlock-ball-valve with red handle. Outlet sealed with PE-lined Alu-film, secured with clip. Valve closed with screw cap and flat gasket.


Steel galvanised grid and bottom plate

Corner Protector

4 pieces made of PE-HD

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