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Humidity Indicator Window

Humidity Indicator Window
  • Preservation Foil Bag

Humidity Indicator Housing


  • Allow visibily of humidty indicator cards
  • No need to compromise encapsulation to inpect cards
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to replace card
  • Cut and screwed to existing cover
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HUMINDHOU Plastic Humidity Indicator Housing - Includes 40-80% Indicator Card Ea In Stock

Humidity Indicator Housing provide a highly visible way for inspection!

Using a plastic housing provides visibility of humidity indicator cards to ensure your desiccant is still performing within a sealed package or any given environment. They eliminate the need to cut or compromise your encapsulated enviroment to check and replace cards and desiccants. Simply cut the film and screw the housing in place. Then unscrew the outer lid to insert or replace your humidity indicator card. Easy!!