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Hog Box System

Hog Box System
  • Hog Box
  • Hob Box - Easy to load
  • Hob Box - Easy to lift
  • Hog Box Lifting System

Loadhog HogBox


  • No pallets required
  • Pallet feet allow movement using standard equipment
  • Eliminate packaging waste; no one trip packaging
  • Bulk container handles wide range of goods
  • Volume 200 litre / 100kg
  • Stackable when full and become nestable when empty
  • Optimising space when not in use
  • 6 boxes can be secured as 1 unit with the Loadhog Lid
  • Increase vehicle fill
  • Safe double stacking in optimises cubing
  • HogBox Lifter for stacking and handling available
Part ID Description UOM MOQ
MHHOGBOX Hogbox EA On Request

The HogBox - a unique jumbo attached lid container!

The ultimate returnable transit packaging solution for flexible bulk handling in a range of industries, from retail to automotive.

Created as an end to end transit system, the Hog Box can be used at suppliers as an individual box, consolidated, stacked and secured for transit using the Loadhog Pallet Lid and then easily separated and handled for picking or replenishment, combining the large volume of a pallet box with the ease of use of smaller plastic tote boxes.

The patented design provides the perfect balance of carrying capacity and easy handling and can be used for a wide range of products individually or a system with the lid.

For efficient bulk movement, up to 6 individual HogBoxes can be stacked and secured and can be moved as one unit. This unit can then be double stacked in storage or transit with no needs for pallets or one trip packaging materials.

As an individual unit the Hogbox has a 100kg / 200 litre capacity. The in built pallet feet allow it to be moved by all standard pallet jacks without the need for a slave pallet.
The lids can be sealed to protect inside, the boxes can be stacked on one another when loaded or nested insdie one another when empty saving space.

HogBox Lifter

The patented lifter can be used to lift, stack and manoeuvre HogBoxes easily and quickly with no additional equipment required. Usable as a tool for picking, the lifter allows an operator to adjust the height of any Hogbox for safe and fast product picking or shelf replenishment with a simple foot pedal press.

Speak to our team today to learn more about the HogBox and how it can save your business valuable resources!