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VCI Heat Shrink Film with Timber Pallet & Cradles

VCI Heat Shrink Film with Timber Pallet & Cradles
  • Triple Layer VCI Film (Roll)

VCI Heat Shrink Film

Tripple Layer


• Proven corrosion inhibitor chemistry
• Excellent barrier against oil, water and moisture
• Economical packaging solution
• Safe & easy to use; no special handling
• Long-term corrosion protection
• Parts emerge clean, dry and ready to use
• Avaiable in custom size bags, tubing and centre fold sheet
• Bags provided on roll or loose in cartons

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WRA-VCI200 VCI Shrink Wrap Triple Layer Roll In Stock


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VCI Anti-Corrosion Film combines increased protection and longer VCI activation to protect metals!

The VCI Anti-Corrosion Film combines increased Moisture Barrier Protection and longer VCI activation to protect your ferrous and non ferrous metal items.

The Triple Layer VCI Preservation Shrink Film was tested under stringent controlled structural fatigue and corrosion monitoring at one of Australia's largest defence facilities. VCI Testing was conducted over a Six (6) year period commencing 2000-2006 with outstanding results leading to the development of this Co-Extruded material specifically to protect products from corrosion over longer periods of time.

The material combines three (3) layers of specialised polymers with the inside layer containing VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors). The middle layer contains tough new barrier polymers with the outside printed layer containing UV inhibitors to prevent outer film degregation all form part of this new and exciting product. Material can be sealed & air evacuated or Heat Shrunk to suit various applications.

When it comes to Corrosion Protection for very expensive equipment, be it small or large, Triple Layer or composite VCI solutions can be used to create a complete barrier to damaging environments. This protection method is particularly useful where parts of unusual size and/or shape and requires shipping and/or storage for long or short term periods eg 3-15 years.

AXIS Industrial Solutions have recently developed this new and exciting VCI film combining 3 layers of specialized polymers:

  • Outside Layer – UV Inhibitors, Anti Static compound, low slip and can be printed for client application
  • Middle Layer – High density for better MVTR protection
  • Inside Layer – Comprises VCI Inhibitors to protect metal parts

For the very best corrosion protection in Sydney, Perth or Darwin contact our preservation experts today!