Dunnage Bags

AXIS Industrial has launched a new range of Dunnage Bags manufactured in Perth, Western Australia, to secure cargo in transit, transported by sea, container, rail or road.

The dunnage bag is placed between the cargo or between the cargo and container walls and inflated using compressed air providing support and stabilisation during transport. This provides an inexpensive way to prevent the goods shifting during shipping or transport The air bag simply fills up the gap eliminating cargo damage.



  • Inner Bag – Co-extrusion high quality polyethylene (PE) film ensuring ultimate air-tight seal
  • Outer Bag – Polypropylene (PP) for maximum strength.
  • These contain no heavy metals and are recyclable


AXIS inflatable air bags are fitted with a patented valve allowing fast inflation and deflation. Our next generation inflator significantly reduces fill speed whilst maintaining constant bag pressure.


  • Available in range of sizes
  • High strength
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reusable and recyclable.
  • No heavy metals meeting European regulations