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Dunnage Bag

Dunnage Bag
  • Dunnage Bag
  • Dunnage Bag deflated
  • Dunnage Bag Application
  • Dunnage Bag Application
  • Air Inflator
  • Deluxe Air Inflator
  • Rapid Air Inflator
  • Rapid Air Inflator extension hose
  • Dunnage Air Bags - Rapid Inflation Valve

Dunnage Bags


  • Patented air inflator with auto shut-off function
  • Economical manual air inflator
  • Flexible extension hoses for tricky inflation situations
  • Patented inflation valve system with leakage protection
  • Highly durable and flexible kraft paper
  • Bag is 100% recyclable
Part ID Description UOM MOQ
DB1420 80 x 120cm Fast Fill Dunnage Bag Ea In Stock
DB1421 90 x 180cm Fast Fill Dunnage Bag Ea In Stock
DB1422 90 x 210cm Fast Fill Dunnage Bag Ea In Stock
DB1423 120 x 210cm Fast Fill Dunnage Bag Ea In Stock
DB1416 Jumbo Digital Inflator Ea In Stock
DB1417 D 15'' Slinky Extension Ea In Stock


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Fast-Fill Dunnage Bags by Stopak!

AXIS Industrial Solutions has launched a new range of Dunnage Bags designed with an inflator gun and valve that will dramatically reduce filling time whilst doing so in a much safer manner.

Our valve and inflation system uses the specially designed patented RAI (Rapid Air Inflation) gun, which fills Dunnage Bags to an exact pressure and then shuts down once this pressure is achieved. This eliminates human guessing as to how much to inflate the bag and ultimately secures your product more safely.

Once inflated, operators also do not need to quickly close the valve to prevent air loss as an automatic valve closure has been installed and seals the bag as soon as the inflator is removed.

The RAI Gun has made dnnage bgs one of the quickest inflating bags in the world and also has a range of attachments to accommodate the trickiest of packaging configurations and situations. t is important to fill dunnage bags quickly as to improve a company’s productivity however the shut off valve ensures product is not damaged as inflation slows down as the maximum pressure approaches.

Dunnage bags are inserted into void spaces inside containers, rail cars or trucks and are then inflated with compressed air to the recommended level. As the bag is inflated it gently pushes the load away from itself, wedging it against the walls of the container. This creates a solid brace, stabilising the load and preventing any future movement, thus greatly reducing the risk of damage during transit.