Design and manufacture Livestock Pens for International Air Freight

We challenged ourselves to design a more innovative and diverse range of Livestock Pens with the flexibility to suit a range of aircraft.

Maximising space and providing an increase in up-lift capacity of 20% our Pens have become an industry standard.

Our Challenges

  • To develop a range of air freight livestock pens suitable for livestock transport, ensuring the pens were flexible in their configurations to maximise use of space on a range of different aircraft.
  • To balance pen weight against pen strength when choosing construction materials.
  • To build pens that ensure humane conditions for livestock and to minimise potential livestock loss.
  • To comply with IATA and AQIS requirements.
  • To ensure the pens comply with export controls of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS).

Our Solutions

  • We developed a range of five pens with each level per pen able to hold 30-35 goats.
    1. Single tier lower deck pen
    2. Two tier lower deck pen
    3. Two tier lower deck pen (Offset floor)
    4. Two tier upper deck pen
    5. Three tier upper deck pen
  • External battens and uprights are used to reduce internal timber projections that have the potential to injure the livestock when they perform “thermal circulation” for group heat control.
  • Careful selection of pine timber cross sections are used to achieve the best balance of pen weight against pen strength.
  • All pens were built with no floor on the ground level to reduce production cost and weight. Forklift lifting lugs are built into the pen to increase moving stability.
  • Sliding doors enable the bottom floor door to be independently opened, so livestock only need to be removed from this level prior to lifting. The change to sliding doors also overcame OHS with ladder climbing required for previous top drop doors.
  • All levels of all tiers have “dished” plastic and carpet lining, providing a leak-proof non-slip membrane preventing leakage of animal waste.