Custom design and build of Wooden Crates for transportation of Marker Buoys

A specialist engineering company contracted AXIS Industrial Solutions, to custom design and build a set of wooden crates suitable to transport marker buoys by road and sea.

A total of ten crates were required each with the capacity to hold 42 marker buoys. Each of the buoys needed to be separated within the crates.

Our Challenges

  • A total of ten crates were required, each with the capacity to hold 42 marker buoys.
  • We had to ensure each buoy was secure and isolated in the most space efficient manner.
  • Our client was looking for a solution that was cost effective.
  • We had to ensure the crate would be well balanced when filled with the buoys.
  • The crates were to be designed to hold the buoys initially without their bases being filled, but were then required to hold the buoys after they were filled with cement. This meant the crates needed to hold a combined weight of 2 tonnes.
  • After initial production scheduling, a change in the client’s shipment deadlines required the crates to be produced in a two-day turnaround.

Our Solution

  • We custom designed and built 10 open slatted crates with solid bases, and plywood internal fit outs to stabilise and isolate each of the marker buoys.
  • The lower support template was built out of 18mm plywood and the upper section from 7mm plywood. This ensured reduced crate weight without compromising buoy stability.
  • As the crates were designed to high specifications, we were able to guarantee a 2 tonne holding capacity when they were required to hold the buoys after the bases were cement filled.
  • Efficient production and re-scheduling meant we were able to meet the two day turnaround required to ensure the client met their transportation deadlines