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Wooden Crates & Cases

Packing Crates Available in Perth

Wooden Crates & Wooden Cases provide custom designed protection for anything...

ISPM15 Certified for export and tailor made to suit your product, mode of transport and destination!

Utilising renewable pine or a number of panel products including plywood and MDF we will provide your company with the best fit for your packaging needs. 

Our crates and cases can be built to any specification. They are certified for export worldwide under the ISPM 15 Scheme and can also be treated to AS1604 – H3/4 for direct transit to Barrow Island for the Gorgon Project.  Manufactured locally in Perth, we also service Darwin shipping on a weekly basis. We can also assist you in other parts of Australia including Melbourne, SydneyBrisbane and Adelaide.

Due to the workability of timber, and the experience of our design team, our crates and cases are a versatile option when shipping goods and can be manufactured to suit your requirements.

AXIS Industrial Solutions will ensure the professional packaging of your product/s by utilising an extensive range of design options.

We pay specific attention to the following;

  • Size, weight, fragility and nature of your product/s
  • Mode or combination of transport types to be used
  • Shipping restraints for all forms of transport including sea, air, road & rail
  • Preservation and storage requirements to ensure your product is kept in pristine condition
  • Product destination including import, export regulations

If you need expert advice on Timber Crates talk to our experienced team today!