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Platforms, Supports & Gluts

Ship awkward, heavy equipment with Wooden Platforms and Supports...

Transportation of your heavy machinery or equipment can be a risky proposition!

With over 20 years experience in the design and construction of Platforms, Wooden Gluts, Wooden Pallets, Plastic Supports and Wooden Supports, your next shipment is secure with AXIS Industrial Solutions

Our challenges usually include unusual footprints, out of gauge equipment or cylindrical products, which require innovative design work to stabilise and secure these items for transport. We can custom design Scallops, Wedges, Timber Bracing and Cradles ensuring your shipment is ready for the journey ahead. We also supply Plastic & Wooden Gluts and Dunnage to help keep your shipment safe and secure from damage.

Our design teem has a proven track record when it comes to mobilising heavy, industrial loads and when combined with our experienced Mobile Packing Team we can ensure the safe lifting, loading and securing of your products for the long journey ahead.

No matter the size, weight or difficultly of your job, AXIS Industrial Solutions can help.

We are experts in manufacturing custom made Transport Frames so call us today!