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Pelican Products

Pelican Cases - Tough, watertight with accessories and a "Lifetime Guarantee"

Pelican Cases have stood the test of time and for over 30 years have built their reputation by providing some of the toughest protector cases in the world. Pelican cases have been used for all manner of jobs keeping goods safe and secure no matter how intense the scenario. They’ve been safely dropped out of helicopters, run over by SUV’s and thrown into lakes only to emerge with minor scratches.

AXIS Industrial Solutions is proud to have one of the best ranges of Pelican Products in Australia. Browse through our Pelican collection now and discover an extensive number of 1510 cases, storm cases, military cases and so much more. We gladly stock Pelican cases because no matter how valuable or sensitive your product, you can trust that a Pelican case will keep it highly protected and safe.

If you need a plastic case, there really is no better option. Peruse our Pelican range today!