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Steel Cages

Steel Cages, Collapsible Cages and Stillages maximise warehouse space and safety!

If you need to retain, store and move your product in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or Melbourne talk to AXIS

AXIS Industrial Solutions supply Steel Cages ideal for the retention of bulk products, providing a lightweight option for storage and shipping. With the additional benefit of being foldable and stackable these Steel Stillages are the perfect choice for many applications.

AXIS Industrial Solutions supply Pallet Cages ideal for the retention of your products in transit or storage and suit a variety of applications. Our range of Storage Cages are suited to the Australian pallet footprint or we can design and manufacture custom sizes to order.

All our pallet cages are collapsible and foldable thus reducing return freight charges and making economical sense when shipping bulk products.

Our collapsible Bulk Bins also allow for the return of your shipping container saving you money. These units are fully collapsible for easy and more cost effective return logistics and are designed to maximise the number of return units when containerised.

Our bins are also stackable when both assembled AND collapsed, saving on warehouse space.

The addition of a drop door allows access to the bottom bins when the bins are stacked on top of each other. These collapsible bins are available with or without vents.

Call AXIS today and help us learn more about what you are storing or transporting so we can get the right product for you!