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Post Pallets

Post Pallets "Stack Up" for increased storage and longer loads!

For stacking and temporary racking in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane the post pallet is all you need...

Post Pallets are ideal for the safe handling and storage of long lengths of any product including pipes, steel, timber, fabric and also commonly used in the tyre industry.

They also allow for stacking pallets when there in no room left in the Pallet Rack.

AXIS Industrial Solutions supply two standard sizes, one to suit a standard Australian footprint pallet and the other for extra long loads.

The key benefit of a Post Pallet is that they can be stacked 4 high, maximising warehouse storage without the need for pallet racking. Cup feet make the pallets easy to line up when stacking and our two available post heights allow for different height loads. The posts can also be cut back to any height if required.

We also will design and build custom Post Pallets to suit any size and application.

So why not talk to us today and ask for a free trial of an AXIS post pallet!