Smarter Packaging & Materials Handing


Brand new to Australia the Multitank is set to revolutionise bulk transport!

Replacing Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's), barrels and drums the Mutlitank will save you time and money...

For transport of liquids and solids the Multitank is a 420 litre RPP (Reusable Plastic Packaging) container, designed to package, store and transport products in bulk without the need of an additional liner bag.

Launched globally at FachPack, Germany in October 2015 the Mutlitank is winning awards and proving to be commercial success with food producers and manufacturers throughout Europe.

Mutlitank can be used for a multitude of products including;

  • Olives
  • Wine
  • Pickles
  • Oil
  • Fruits
  • Vinegar
  • Dairy
  • Juices
  • Pulps
  • Vegetables
  • Fish
  • Meat


With Multitank you can store your products with safety, whilst maximizing storing capacity up to 75%. Multitank's robust turtle shell allows you to stack 3 full multitanks, one above the other in just 0.8 m2. This means you can store 1.260 litres which is 3.3 times more storage capacity.

Empty Storage

In every square metre you can store 4.8 times more packaging material due to the Multitanks unique ability to nest. Until now, your packaging material that would take up 1000 square metre storage space can be stroed in only 200 square metres. Compared to 220 litre plastic barrels, you utilise your storage capacity by 80% more.


Multitank’s superior advantage is the dramatically low transport costs when empty. Nest one inside the other and stack the lids one over the other and reduce the space needed in order to return and reuse.


Multitank is more than just a packaging container for storing and transporting goods. It has been designed to make the management of your products easier, more cost effective and safer, throughout the entire production and handling process. Thanks to its genius design, Multitank is one of the smartest existing packaging systems and it creates time saving procedures and greener, more sustainable  and efficient supply chains.


Multitank is a sustainable solution, which eliminates the cost of one way packaging. The long lifespan (10 years) combined with the purchasing cost and the benefit from the built in pallet allows you to quickly recoup your investment.

Don't forget

The round lid is placed on the edge, making the quality control easy even when Multitanks are stacked one above the other. This results in quicker, easier and more efficient quality control.

The feet are removable, so they can be replaced in case of a severe damage. With the application of the feet plugs, you make sure that your Multitank is going to be in use for a longer time and that it will always be clean and in proper condition without transfering any dirt from the outdoors to your production area. 

With Multitank you don't need any other packaging materials such as barrels, drums, stretch film, IBC's or pallets to safely transport your product.

With Multitank you can load and unload quickly, easily and safely with only one employee equipped with a forklift. It is estimated that the loading and unloading time is reduced by 60%.

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