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Loadhog Products

Loadhog Products will innovate your supply chain!

Loadhog is a multi-award winning manufacturing company where genuine innovation lies at the heart of everything...

Loadhog's mission is to solve everyday problems in logistics and supply chain operations - reducing transport requirements, eliminating packaging waste, increasing vehicle fill and generally making life easier.

Loadhog are a game changer in global handling products developing a range of exciting new products for the Materials Handling sector. With an in house design facility focused on new product development, Loadhog have delivered this unique range of patented Returnable Packaging products over many years.

The Attached Lid Container's patented tessellating lid design allows the lid to drop vertically when opened creating more valuable space. When combined with the Pally and the Loadhod Lid, a complete and versatile handling system is ready for integration into your supply chain. The Pally acts as a wheeled Dollly and a pallet in one with heavy duty castors and foot operated lockable brakes perfect for manual handling. The Loadhog Lid provides extra protection and load restraint using built in straps! 

Simliarly the HogBox is a stand alone container that doesn't even require a pallet. It too utilises the Loadhog Lid and can be broken down into smaller loads when required using the LoadHog Lifter.

AXIS is proud to be Loadhog's exclusive partner in Australia and are excited to bring this range of products to you...

Speak to one of our Loadhog Australia experts today to discuss how AXIS can improve the effectiveness of your supply chain!