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Load Restraint

Secure your load for the journey ahead with our Load Restraint products!

AXIS Industrial Solutions are experts when it comes to Load Restraint

Ensuring your valuable cargo is secured for all types of transport.

When securing any load it is important to consider specific conditions with respect to the journey ahead. By planning and selecting the right combination of Load Restraint products, AXIS will give any forwarder peace of mind.

Whether you require the right Strapping, Lashing or Rigging or Load Restraint Matting to reduce the co-efficient of friction (COF) between your product and the transport surface AXIS have all you need, along with providing you with the right advice.

For added effciencies as well peace of ming check out the Loadhog Load Guardian System. Once retro fitted to your fleet of vehicles is will save you time, money and ensure you never leave the ground when securing your load, making it exceed OHS and restraint regulations.

So for your next shipment from Sydney to Melbourne or Perth to Brisbane make sure it is secure with AXIS. Call us today for more information!