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Bulk Bins

Increase storage space and supply chain efficiency with Plastic Bulk Bins!

If you need large bulk bins in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth then talk to AXIS

AXIS Industrial Solutions manufactures and supplies a large selection of Bulk Bins ideal for a range of applications including bulk haulage and long term storage solutions.

Our Plastic Bins have the advantage of being UV stabilised, a heavy duty construction and are ideal for stacking. They are also the preferred option for hygiene critical applications as they are easily pressure cleaned.

The advantage of using a Timber Bin is we can build to any specification to suit any pallet rack.

Double width bins are often preferred to maximise space in warehouse environments. We can also stencil these bins for security and appearance and with the addition of steel reinforced corners they to become a very durable option. Timber Bins can also be repaired easily prolonging their shelf life.

So check out our range of produce bins and talk to our team to today to learn how we can save you time and money!