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Protection from rust and corrosion in storage and shipment!

VCI papers consist of a range of chemically treated papers which provide a proven means of protecting metals.

The vapour given off by the treated paper will deposit in the form of a molecular film on the metal surface passivating the corrosive action of moisture and oxygen by dissolving in any moisture present and rendering it non corrosive.

Vapour is released at a controlled rate thereby making tight sealing unnecessary and since the rate of release is temperature sensitive, increase in temperature will increase the rate of volatilisation, thus providing commensurately increased protection. Protection is provided in contact with the metal surface as well as in the vapour phase.

Ferro-Pak VCI Papers

  • VCI papers are specifically designed to protect ferrous metals
  • MPI papers are designed to protect non ferrous and multi metal composites
  • Paper is available in rolls, sheets or die cut shapes
  • Paper types include kraft, waterproof and scrim reinforced laminates
  • Dependent upon conditions of packaging and storage VCI protection can be afforded up to 3 years

Heavy Duty Scrim Laminates

  • VCI scrim laminate paper 8x8 denier weave supplied in either polypropelene or high density polyethelene
  • Extrusion coated to a 70 gsm sack kraft paper
  • Product is UV and heat stabilized
  • Laboratory tests result in a 70% retention after 350 hours weatherometer testing.
  • This product is most suitable for wrapping of heavy gauge items such as steel coils, heavy casting, flanges, eye beams, both flat and tube steel

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