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VCI Preservation

VCI Products will combat corrosion on every level!

VCI Solutions to packaging problems are researched, designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements. Whether local, interstate
or overseas shipping or long term storage - the correct packaging will ensure the product is kept in perfect condition. VCI is used in coated papers of varying
sizes and extra large VCI Laminate Barrier Bags. Ferro Foil™ and films virtually eliminate moisture and vapour while also forming an integral part of the total
packaging solution.

How do VCI’s work?

Put simply the VCI molecules migrate from the VCI material to the surface of the metal creating a protective layer providing years of protection.
VCI Technology has been a proven technology in Europe & the USA for well over 50 years. All VCI film based products are totally recyclable. 

Our Anti-Corrosive Solutions include;

  • VCI Shrink Films
  • VCI Film Bags
  • VCI Coated Papers
  • VCI Laminate Foil Barrier Bags – Military Approved
  • Preservation Foil
  • VCI Emitters
  • Rust preventative Aerosols and Liquids
  • Specialised Grease
  • Desiccants / Silica Gel / Container Dry / Mil Spec requirements.
  • Mil Spec Mouldable Wrap

AXIS Industrial Solutions continually researches & develops VCI technology as well as alternative preservation packaging solutions.
We look forward to assisting you with you preservation requirements and please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.