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Cable & Pipe Protection

Lamiflex offers an efficient packaging system for Cable Drums, Pipes, Tube and Bar...

Protect against impact damage, rough terrain, dust, sea & rainwater, UV-irrigation and extreme climatic changes!

Lamiflex has been tested by a number of packaging institutes and cable producers for land, sea and air transportation, always with the same convincing results. Compared to traditional wood lagging, working with Lamiflex is easy, fast and cost effective. A number of our customers have changed or are in the process of changing their packaging solution to the Lamiflex solution.

As Australia's exclusive agent for this product AXIS Industrial Solutions will work with you to develop a packaging protocol to suit your needs. Utilising our vast industry knowledge and this innovative product range we are sure to deliver better protection for your products.

Lamiflex Protection;

• Reduces drum flange damages and fits flush between drum flanges without hollow space
• Provides waterproof UV stable drum covering
• Is crush resistant to 100 kg/cm³
• The material is fully insect resistant

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