Smarter Packaging & Materials Handing

Cardboard Cartons

Cardboard Boxes with a range of wall thicknesses and stitching techniques!

If you’re unsure we can help you determine the required strength and have a track record in delivering the ideal Cardboard Product for your needs.

When we design your Cardboard Box we consider;

  • Stacking Strength
  • Burst Strength
  • Containment Strength

We then take these needs into consideration to ensure we build the most suitable and cost effective cardboard.

Thickness options;

  • E – 2mm (Single cushion)
  • B - 3mm (Single cushion)
  • C - 4mm (Single cushion)
  • E – 2mm (Single cushion)
  • BE - 5mm (Double cushion)
  • BC - 7mm (Double cushion)

Triple Cushion is available on request

AXIS Industrial Solutions also provide branding with our customised printing service. Simply supply us your artwork and we’ll ensure it’s printed on! All deliveries are supplied in flat pack form on a Chep or Loscam pallet which is refundable on return.

We are also capable of short runs (1 – 25 Cartons) or long runs into the thousands.